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The company offers the following key services:

  1. Total construction including slipforming of concrete structures, such as:
    1. Highrise Buildings
    2. Chimneys
    3. Cooling Towers
    4. Silos
    5. Over Head Water Towers
    6. Lift and Staircase Cores
    7. Bridge Piers (Straight and tapered)
    8. Television Towers
    9. Highrise Lighting Mast
  2. Mass Housing Projects using ‘TEB’ SYSTEM FORM WORK & “NBS” Form Work System
  3. Specialized Hydraulic Jacking System and Equipments for construction of Vertical Steel Tanks
  4. Lifting and lowering of existing steel tanks in connection with tank repairs and foundation reinforcement
  5. Erection of Steel masts (antennae) for T V Towers
  6. Assembly of vertical steel tubes as flues in concrete chimneys
  7. Assembly of container cores at harbours
  8. Modular system formwork for concrete slabs ,Columns & walls for High-rise buildings
  9. Lifting of heavy structural roof construction of steel or concrete and industrial buildings, hangars.
  10. Lifting, lowering and horizontal movement of heavy machines in industrial buildings


Project Execution Certificates

Health, Safety & Environment Commitment

  • Comply with Current applicable HSE Laws,Regulations in all activities
  • Achieve customer satisfaction and continual improvement at HS activities
  • Review on Regular basis and measure our HSE targets to improve performance
  • Personnel Safety Equipment and devices
  • Medical Inspection
  • Implement International and local safety Rules & regulations
  • Fire protection system Design
  • Hazardous Area classification schedule
  • Issue safety manual and instructions
  • Safety audits