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Company Profile

  • Bygging India Limited, a fully integrated construction organization was established in 1983, in technical & financial collaboration with BYGGING UDDEMANN AB, Sweden, with the main objective to introduce new and novel construction techniques in the field of construction of high rise RCC structure, silos, chimneys & erection of storage tanks by Hydraulic Jacking System to the Asian construction Industry. The collaboration ensures access to the long and rich Swedish experience & know-how. The company is jointly controlled by the Indian & Swedish promoters.
  • Furthermore, bygging has developed another novel formwork system, the NBS Cellular construction system whereby steel formworks are deployed for the wall and slabs which are cast simultaneously as a monolithic structure.
  • Designed and developed “NBS” Form Work System for Mass Housing and High rise Building Projects
  • For the past 20 years “Bygging” has the creditability of introducing “Hydraulic Jacking Technology” in the field of erection of storage tanks and construction of High rise civil structure by Hydraulic Slipforming and also for completing time bound projects in record times without any cost overrun.
  • Bygging has been providing services to the core industries like Power Generation, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Chemical, Sugar, Fertilizers, Paper, Cement, Soya Bean/ food grains etc.