Prilling Towers

Design & Engineering


In a fertilizer plant, prilling is a process in which prills (prills are grains of solid substances formed from molten dropsare) formed inside a prilling tower. Prills need to have sufficient cooling time in order to solidify. This is achieved by spraying droplets in a counter-current stream of cooling medium inside the prilling tower.

Concrete prilling towers are concrete structures that be higher than 100m, which play an important role in the fertilizer plant’s prilling and granulization process. As these towers are subjected to various environmental forces like high wind velocity, their design is of critical importance.

Design failure can lead to severe loss to manpower and material.

Important Design Considerations

  • Installation of de-dusting system in future
  • Temperature
  • Seismic Loads
  • Wind Force
  • Safety Considerations
  • Terrain Category
  • Outside Ambient Temperature
  • Class of Structure
  • Topography Factor
  • Height of Prilling Tower
  • Soil Bearing Capacity
  • Construction Materials
  • Foundation Type
  • Details of Nearby Structures
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