Repairs & Maintenance


Regular inspection of your silo plays an important role in identifying potential maintenance and repair issues, and are key to performing repairs in a cost effective and timely manner. Inspections are critical to the equipment as well as the safety of your plant personnel, as neglect may lead to severe deterioration and potential failure or collapse.

Our experienced team of engineers and skilled construction experts have developed detailed inspection and maintenance programs for all types of structures including silos. We’re able to evaluate the current condition of the structure to determine if the life of the silo can be extended, modified and utilized for another purpose, or if it needs to be demolished.


  • Brief summary of the background of the structure to be inspected
  • Description of the existing status/condition of structure to be inspected
  • Identification of critical areas
  • Damage map of the structure inspected
  • Sclerometer tests (concrete strength test)
  • Sonic tests
  • pH determination of the concrete (carbonation)
  • Causal analysis of observed defects
  • Recommendations for maintenance
  • Feasibility and evaluation of solution options
  • Economic valuation by work units of the possible recommendations including concept, cost, and measurement
  • Photo and Video report – using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or “drones” for external inspections and suspension systems for internal inspection
  • Thermal imaging for external inspections and “hot camera” for on-line internal inspections
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