FGD Chimneys & Liners

FGD Chimneys


In recent years, utilities have been adding wet scrubbers to remove sulfur SO2 from exhaust flue gases in fossil fuel power plants, in order to meet increased environmental regulations. In order to meet the new standards, both new and existing plants are incorporating Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) processes.

The FGD process reduces exhaust gas temperatures and increases the gas humidity, creating increased condensation and moisture on the interior surfaces of chimney liners and ductwork. These conditions have commonly become known as the “wet” chimney.

In many cases, the installation of a new chimney shell and liner system is required. Bygging has been designing and building new concrete chimneys for our clients for decades. We have extensive expertise designing and building these complex structures, having been responsible for several hundred chimney installations in India.

Utilities select which process to use based on several factors:

  • Effectiveness of SO2 Removal
  • Accessibility of Resources (water, limestone)
  • Byproduct Handling Needs (storage and/or disposal)
  • Saleability of the Byproduct
  • Budget
FGD Chimney
FGD Chimney