FGD Liners

In order to meet the COP21 commitment, new pollution standards to restrict emissions from India’s thermal power plants were put into place at the end of 2015. India has begun to take action by implementing Flue Gas Desulphurization “FGD” technology to meet the international commitments prior to 2030.

The wet environment created by the FGD process has created new demands on chimney liners and ductwork:

  • The surface of the liner must be resistant against condensate.
  • The liner will mainly be operated in overpressure.
  • Adapted flue gas speed (tearing off condensate film).
  • Adapted smooth surface (no edges).
  • Liquid collection system for condensate.
  • Mounting of drip-catchers.
  • Muzzle formation in consideration of the down-wash effects.

Material Solutions for the FGD Environment Suitable materials for a wet environment include:

  • High-Grade Steel with Nickel-Alloy Steel or Titanium.
  • Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP).
  • Borosilicate Glass Block
  • Thermoplastic Films
  • Acid Resistant Brick Liner with Pressurized Annulus Space.


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