Silos are specialized storage structures used to store bulk materials such as grains, cement, coal, chemicals, and various other products in large quantities. They are commonly found in agriculture, industrial, and commercial settings, and they provide a practical and efficient way to store and manage bulk materials.

Bygging has completed 52 silos as on date of Cement, Coal, Grain, Iron ore & Phosphoric storage.

Dome Silo would typically refer to a silo with a dome-shaped roof. Dome-shaped roofs can be
advantageous in certain silo applications as they provide excellent structural integrity and can efficiently
protect the stored materials from environmental elements.

Dome Silo offer the most cost-effective storage system for various material such as grains, sugar, fly ash coal, dinker, fertiliser, aluminium, copper concentrate, bio mass, etc. There are several reasons domes are selected instead of silos and flat warehouse. These are their economy, speed of construction, as construction can be continued in advance weather minimal foundation, required little maintenance and thus decrease operator cost and their shape makes them the toughest structure.

As we have specialization in silo construction and storage solutions, thus for the most up-to-date information on Dome Silos or any other specific type of silo design, we recommend festiliser, Aluminium, Copper Concent rate, Bio Mass etc contacting us with relevant details.